Sunday, July 17, 2005

The 'new' Top Of The Pops.

Admittedly, my hopes weren't high for this all-new Top Of The Pops, but that was truly dire. Phil Jupitus looked openly embarrassed to be there (and so he should be, his Breakfast show on BBC 6Music is excellent, however) and the standard of acts was as awful as we've come to expect from recent years. Since the NME put The Strokes on their cover in 2001 there's been a plethora of great bands breaking into the mainstream but somehow this has managed to pass TOTP right by. But, hey, at least we've got old footage of a sub-standard Madness song.

And Bananarama. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. It looked like a French and Saunders sketch. What else is there to say?

Now, some might ask if I felt heartened by the fact that singer-songwriter James Blunt has both number one spots, for his album Back To Bedlam and single You're Beautiful. Well, I'll admit that it's a pretty huge, and, let's face it, bizarre achievement. But no, I can't be heartened by it. People who've bought it will feel proud of themselves for buying 'proper' music and put it next to their Dido album. *shudder* Yes, I know I'm a music snob, but I'm not gonna change. I just wanna educate these people, you know? They're eager to learn, they've made the first step. But, please, step away from that new Stephen Fretwell album, and discover that holding a guitar and looking slightly bored isn't everything there is to songwriting. Realise that talented songwriters actually write tunes - whether that's Martha Wainwright, Dave Grohl or McFly.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh Top Of The Pops. Rubbish.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...


Was hoping you'd watch it so I wouldn't have to.

Since we got our new (DAB) radio, its been 6 Music all the way. I feel very sad but satisfied.

And you're dead right about James Blunt. Have overwhelming desire to slap him.

AnnaWaits said...

Oh, you and me both :)

Deano (form the 'burbs) said...

Jupitus is an oddity. There are actually two of them; well, two different personas.

Radio Jupitus is funny and ace, but TV Jupitus obnoxious and a bit shit. It's really weird, guess it stems from the sort of character he adopts for his stand-up work... who knows?

AnnaWaits said...

Hey Deano! How lovely of you to stop by :) Yeah, TV Jupitus is quite annoying...!