Wednesday, July 06, 2005

An eternal optimist has a good week

Man, what an emotional few days. I'm afraid I've gotta admit that I've cried an embarrassing number of times... and it was the Fresh Prince who was the first person to bring me to tears. Go figure.

Ok, Live 8. Leesa avoided it , but I'm naturally inclined to support these kinds of events; I find it hard to be cynical. Personally, I think I was justified in my optimism - the concert has got the generation forever labeled "apathetic" talking and more important, thinking. I know, cos I'm part of it. Maybe that's not enough. We'll know by Friday. And, you know, it was pretty good as a gig, too. There was an over-emphasis on older musicians - where were Franz Ferdinand, for example, one of the biggest bands behind Coldplay - but when that means Macca singing Helter Skelter is involved, who can complain? And I'm not a U2 fan, far from it, but their set really was awesome. Saint Bob? Well, I don't know, but he has my respect. 'Cept for that awful Golden Circle of course... bad call.

And the 2012 successful bid. Again, I just can't be cynical. I've followed this bid from the beginning, and I'm over-joyed that we've got the games in 2012. Well done guys.

And now it's all eyes on Gleneagles. It's a simple message we've all got - don't let us down.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Cyncicism aside, I want to believe that it can make a difference. Just not entirely sure that it will. I don't think that means these things shouldn't be done.

I fight for a better world; I may just use slightly different weapons.

Nice to have you back to the blog btw.

AnnaWaits said...

Hey Lisa, just wanted to *publicly* say that my comments about cynicism weren't in any way pointed at you, rather at those who have criticised Live 8 simply to be contrary. :) x