Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Parting Of The Ways...

I'm sure Lisa will be blogging about this too, but this final episode of Doctor Who deserves as much praise as it will undoubtedly get across the blogging community, and in all tomorrow's papers. If you've taped it, save this 'til later... :)

So, a list of stuff I loved about this:

- Russell T. Davis getting to wax lyrical on his pet subject, religion, and be as intelligent and thought-provoking as we all expect him to be.

- The Daleks being truly scary!

- Billie Piper showing depth of acting I had not thought her capable of (and I'm already a fan).

- We saw Ecclestone excel in 'internal struggle' mode. The Doctor actually *did* surprisingly little in this episode - the action being left to Rose and Jack - but his face-off with the 'false prophet' was gripping. Nothing less than we expect from this exquisite actor.

- Captain Jack. Just generally. What an inspired addition Jack was to this series; another good guy, but one who goes about things in a totally different way to the Doctor. John Barrowman lit up the screen every time he came into view, and Jack's ambiguous sexuality simply twisted further the tangled and bizarre relationships already established. Daring, too for family viewing. He's been a complete triumph in my eyes.

- The Tardis saving the day. Bless it.

- I welled up about four times...! Having the Doctor send Rose home particularly got to me, for some reason!

- Rose and the Doctor's kiss. Me and my mum *literally* cheered. Ok, so ostensibly it was to save Rose from the full force of the Tardis, but it meant more than that and we all know it. Ecclestone and Piper have that rare thing, on-screen chemistry, and I'll miss it enormously next series.

- Leaving Jack behind. What a typically Russell T. Davis moment. Rose and the Doctor have just saved humanity, and they leave their best friend behind - the 'last man standing' without whom they wouldn't have succeeded. It wasn't meant to be 'ironic' on 'funny'. It was simply showing that no-one's infallible.

- David Tennant's entrance. Just perfect. In the listings of the Guardian, it was written "Thanks Russell T. Davis. Bye Chris. David Tennant - don't screw it up." Not a chance.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

"Thanks Russell T. Davis. Bye Chris. David Tennant - don't screw it up." Not a chance.

I really hope not. And yes, of course I have blogged on it - two, in fact!

If I was going to entrust anyone with this role though, after Ecclestone's brilliant work, I happily choose to grant Tennant the chance.

Gasped when Rose said "you are tiny" and proceeded to just dematerialise the daleks...

Woah momma, that was something else!

Mellie Bean said...

I really need to watch some Doctor Who, don't I?

I've seen little bits and bobs here and there (enough to know what Daleks are and that there have been several Doctors over the decades, but there's SO MUCH, I'm not sure where to start!) Maybe I should start with the current series (whenever they release it on DVD over here) and work my way backwards.

Incidentally, anna - check the Badgerboard on the Sci-Fi film thread, there's something there I think you might want to comment upon!

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