Saturday, May 14, 2005

Simon Pegg answered my question! Ages ago!

As an avid fan of the wonderful Spaced, I was very excited around the time Shaun of the Dead came out. So excited, it appears, that when I submitted a question to Web Access on the bbc film site I completely forgot to go back and check whether it was answered. You perhaps won't be too surprised to learn that it was, and I only stumbled across it today! So here it is:

You've recently been involved with (and excellent in) From Bard To Verse on BBC3 - do you reckon 'serious' acting is something you'll want to do more of? Anna Lowman

SP: I haven't seen that! I don't know if that was any good. Or my performance. I don't think serious acting or comedy acting are particularly estranged. It’s all about conveying emotions in whatever way. I find serious acting slightly harder because you can't rely on the little tricks and techniques that you use to make people laugh. Whereas you'll find that most serious actors find comedy harder. But, yeah, I'd love to do some serious stuff.

How insightful of me... :)

it's HERE if you wanna read the whole thing.

Oh and tonight's Doctor Who was emotional stuff. How people can not see the good in this show is beyond me.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Excellent stuff! Glad it isn't just me who does things like posting comments and questions and forgetting to go back and check up on them (maybe we have lives that are too busy?!)

Also, can I confess I blubbed like a baby on Saturday watching Dr. Who. I'm a real freak about time travel and disturbing the patterns of the universe anyway (have previously blogged about this topic over at Rullsenberg) so this kinda thing gets to me anyway. Was rather glad that the Guardian Weekend magazine tipped me off for it being a weepy (I think they mentioned that 14 year-old girls would be reduced to sobs: I hereby declare myself a renegade 14 year old stuck in a much older body). I definitely needed a glass of wine to bring me back after watching it!

Mellie Bean said...

Simon Pegg answered your question!!

You lucky girl!

(actually, I imagine there's a few posts/questions that I've done on various websites and forgotten to go back and look at myself ... even a few comments in the "have your say" feature on the bbc's website.)

AnnaWaits said...

Thank you both!!