Monday, May 02, 2005

More Ben and Rufus thoughts

I am pleased to announce that there is more to find in 'Songs for Silverman' than I thought there was going to be. Two songs which completely passed me by during my first few listens have become favourites - 'Trusted' and 'Time'. Because you have your 'ooh, this is Ben's grown-up album- head on when you listen, you miss the fact that - while the 'silliness' is left out, the humour is not. 'You To Thank' and 'Trusted' would, I think, fit on any other Ben Folds/Five album. I still don't know whether I prefer SFS to 'Rockin' the Suburbs', or any previous album, at the moment I'm just enjoying it for what it is.

As for Rufus, well my love for this artist grows with every listen. I went into Boarders today, and Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk was playing (they're having a Rufus push at the moment because he plays York [where I was, surprisingly!] very soon). It lifted my spirits no end, and I felt I had to go and congratulate someone for playing 'Poses'. The lady at the desk was very happy to have made me happy!

What I really want to say, however, is that if Rufus ever lost the ability to play/sing/write (let's hope not), then he could always make his living as a model. Not because he's incredibly pretty, anyone can be that (well, not anyone but you know what I mean) but because of the way he can look into a camera. It's really quite extraordinary -

See what I mean?


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

He does have a good gaze doesn't he? But he also has a great grin (much seen at the Nottingham gig).

Am waiting for my copy of Poses to arrive by post. I have the others, so will be glad to have my own copy of this one to wear out!

BTW will certainly be trying out some Ben F stuff soon, on your recommendations!

AnnaWaits said...

I'm glad. I'm sure you'll like Ben's stuff! Yes, the grin is LOVELY!

Mellie Bean said...

Yay for Ben!

And I really must look into Rufus a bit further!!