Wednesday, May 25, 2005

10 Things I've Never Done

Suggested here (many thanks!)

I've never...

1) Finished an Austen novel (not Austin as I previously put...!)

2) Been on a plane

3) Been out of Europe (as a result of 2), unsurprisingly!)

4) Been on a rollercoaster that goes upside down (you and me both, Leesa!)

5) Learnt to play a musical instrument (recorder does not count, as it seems to be obligatory at primary school)

6) Listened to the whole album 'Grace' by Jeff Buckley, despite being told I'd love it. From what I have heard, I doubt it.

7) Been to a Ben Folds gig (yet)

8) Dyed my hair

9) Forgotten a friend's/family member's birthday... as far as I'm aware ;)

10) Got into Coronation Street. Thank goodness.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oooh - have to take issue with 6. To focus on one song, Buckley does a major version of Hallelujah which is awesome. I know we love RW, but ...

Let's put it like this: Leonard Cohen wrote the song, so clearly he knows what it should sound like. But I really got to know the song through John Cale's version (to be found on the I'm Your Fan album of Cohen covers: best Cohen covers collection possible). Like the RW version, it's piano-based and clearly informs RW's cover (though Cale lacks the trademark Rufus dramatic hand gestures for the pauses!).

As I have said elsewhere - blog, email? I forget - Hallelujah is pretty hard to wreck, being such a great song. But having said all that, and to return to the matter of Jeff Buckley, I would perhaps suggest as an alternative to Grace that you check out the version done Live at Sin E. The guitar swoops and soars and Buckley's vocal style is much more anguished than some other versions. Please do not think I mean versions, such as that by RW, lack emotion: absolutely not. But there are different emotions that the song can bring out, and Buckley's version is perhaps more broken, in the way that Cale's is melancholic, and RW's is wistful, thoughtful, contemplative. Either way, I would recommend you do try out some Jeff Buckley, because that particular live version of Hallelujah makes my breath freeze.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

PS did I say... great list! I'm avoiding going upside down on anything though. Nowt personal to rollercoasters.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Re: number 1...

Is that Steve Austin (World Wrestling) or Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice)?

Tee hee. Sorry, just liked the thought of you avoiding reading the considered wisdom of a wrestler...

Mellie Bean said...

Re. Austen novels (I assume Jane is who you meant), give Pride & Prejudice a try.

I'll even let you watch the BBC series with Colin Firth first as a warm-up. ;-)

Brie the flea said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for coming to see my blog, it gets lonely there writing for the same 4 friends!
Your list of 10... I've done all but 2... I haven't seen Ben Folds yet, but I'm hoping to go see him and Ben Lee and Rufus in a couple months! Rufus' father is playing at the theater down the block next week and we're exctied to go see him and tell him that we love his son...
I've also never been to Coronation Street, what's that, where's that?
My first plane trip was actually to England, I spent a summer in Bath a few years back and I would LOVE to come back over.
Hope you have a pleasant day :)